Missing Work: 10 Best Excuses

10 Best Reasons to Get Out of Work

Let’s face it, sometimes you simply cannot go to work or school. Whether you’re busy with your personal issues or simply need to recover from a tight schedule, you do need to miss your job to get some free time once in a while. Unfortunately, most of your excuses to get out of work won’t be taken seriously by your superior.

a phone with a note "where are you?"However, a fake note from a doctor or an emergency room provides you with extra opportunities. While the law requires an employee to provide a legal document explaining he or she have missed their work, it also strictly forbids your employer from making any inquiries about your health condition. This means you can legally get out of work without any real explanation as long as you have a valid note from a doctor.

However, it is important to use top quality reasons which would look authentic even for a professional. At many websites, such as www.getfakedoctornotes.com, you can learn about various excuses to get out of work as well as can download some useful templates for missing school.

Before I started to use fake note templates, I did some thorough research to find out how the system actually works. Hopefully, my experience can help you avoid drawing any suspicions from your employer. Use one of the following excuses to get out of work:

  1. Influenza.
    While the symptoms of this illness may vary in different people, it is always easy to pretend you’re having the flu. And since it is contagious, your boss will have less objection against you missing your work.
  2. Spine strain.
    It is quite possible your boss has experienced something similar. That’s why such reasons can be great excuses to get out of work, however, it can only provide you with a day or two.
  3. An injury caused by an accident.
    There are many ways to miss your job due to an accidental injury. My only advice would be to choose one which can be either conceived or easily mimicked.
  4. Dental emergency.
    a woman visiting a dentistGetting a note from a dentist is one of the best excuses to miss work or school. Almost everyone has experienced similar problems, so this is surely one of the best reasons.
  5. Digestion disorder.
    Another common malady which looks like a viable excuse to get out of work is fake stomach pain caused by food poisoning as it can happen anytime to anyone.
  6. Non-urgent surgery.
    This can be one of the best excuses if you want to miss several days as it normally would take some time to recover after a surgery. However, it is important to bear in mind about things like scars which should remain after the wounds heal. Make sure your ‘surgery’ is done to a body part which is normally covered.
  7. Catching cold.
    Even a weather forecast may prompt a few great excuses to get out of work. As soon as the temperature is supposed to drop, followed by a cold rain, get ready with your best common cold excuse to miss your work.
  8. Mental disorder.
    While depression, stress, and anxiety are quite common mental disorders, I wouldn’t recommend using this type of an excuse to miss your job. Although you are highly likely to get a day off in such a case, some of your workmates may change their attitude towards you if they find out you’re mentally unstable.
  9. Bone fracture.
    Please remember that these doctor excuses are quite serious. First of all, it takes weeks to heal a bone fracture. You should either stay at home most of the time or wear a bandage every time you want to go out. As your ‘illness’ is purely physical, some employers may ‘kindly ask’ you to stay in touch for an online meeting or something like that. Make sure you find good reasons when your smartphone suddenly rings while you are sunbathing at the seashore.
  10. Visiting a doctor.
    Technically, you don’t have to be sick to get good work excuses. It is enough to ‘visit a doctor’ for a random health check as the doctor has to issue a document stating you’ve missed your work legally. In other words, you can get a fake excuse without any visible illness. However, backing your word up with only a doctor’s signature is not the very best option out of all the existing excuses to get out of work as your boss may smell a rat.

Missing Work: Choose Credible Reasons

If you don’t want to get caught, choosing credible excuses is the key to success. Check out http://www.getfakedoctorsnote.com/download-blank-printable-doctor-note-templates to learn more about viable reasons to miss your work legally.

Depending on your personal health conditions, choose one of those credible reasons when submitting your fake note. If you have a history of heart disease, for example, a note from a cardiologist will look natural. However, you shouldn’t deliver that kind of excuse if you’re part of a semi-pro local football team. In this case, back pain would seem like a much more credible reason.

Providing Good Excuses to Call off Work

Although people who have never missed their work possibly exist, personally I haven’t met a single person like that yet. Normally, everyone tries to find excuses for missing work from time to time.

Getting a day off can be easy if you find good excuses to miss your work. Here’s what you should do when faking good reasons:

  • Go online for a fake doctor note template.
  • Use your personal details to customize the fake note. Make sure it looks authentic.
  • E-mail the excuses to your superior or to call the office. In this case, be ready to pretend you’re sick.
  • Be careful not to be seen by one of your colleagues or your boss celebrating your day off in the local restaurant.

I have successfully used fake notes as excuses to miss my work many times. However, it is also important to understand that being sick too often will not look credible to any employer. Be sure you can balance your job and your leisure wisely. My best advice would be as follows: use only the highest quality doctor excuses, find credible reasons, and don’t miss your work too often.