How to Miss Work By Using a Fake Doctor’s Note Template

Free Tips: How to Use a Fake Doctor Note to Miss Work

No matter how much you love your work, sometimes you just need to miss it. It’s great if you have a legit excuse and an understanding boss who will give you a few days off. However, the vast majority of us aren’t so lucky. My employer can be extremely demanding and getting any free time off is not an option. If your boss is the same, or your real excuse doesn’t allow you to miss work legitimately, I suggest using a fake doctor’s note.

This method has worked for me numerous times, and I’m sure it will help you as well. I like it because no one can fire you if you miss work because of illness. Today you can download a fake doctor note template with any kind of excuse, so you will definitely find the perfect fake medical template for you. The best thing is that a high-quality fake doctor note template you can download is not only printable but customizable. Therefore, you can make it look 100% believable. Go here to see my detailed post on how to make a fake template look authentic and check out some free samples.

Of course, if your boss catches you using a fake excuse note from a doctor to miss work, you will never return to it as you’ll get fired immediately. You may even face charges, and finding a new job will be extremely difficult.

This tragedy can be avoided if you do the following:

  • Download a high-quality fake doctor note template.
    Just look up ‘fake printable medical template’ through an online search engine and you will get thousands of links to the services that offer free or paid quality templates. Only a select few of those printable medical excuse notes are reliable. To be sure that you get the best template, spend some of your free time to do the necessary research and find a company that will provide you with a phony medical note template that really looks authentic.
  • Choose a reasonable excuse.
    a man with a big noseAs you can find a template for any kind of doctor’s note or hospital letter, you need to consider the exact excuse carefully. It must be believable and not cause you any lasting complications. For example, if you fake a food poisoning, you will need to stick to diet lunches in the office kitchen for at least a week.
  • Customize the template properly.
    Always buy printable blank templates as they allow you to make them more believable by adding extra info personally. Use your free time to research what kind of data a real excuse note from a doctor or hospital must include and ‘make’ your fake based on these requirements.
  • Act cool when submitting the note.
    To tell the truth, I don’t have a poker face, so this is the hardest part for me. Whenever possible, I try to submit my fake medical excuse electronically. In this case, my acting shifty and upset when I return to work is considered to be a ‘side effect’ of being ill. When I can’t do this, I just focus on the memories of being really sick. I try to act exactly as I did at that time so that my behavior seems natural. This seems to work for me.

Medical Excuses from the Hospital That Always Work

a schedule with a day offThere are many reasons that might make you use a phony medical excuse to miss work. Personally, I used a fake printable medical template in the following situations:

  • I really was at a hospital.
    Sometimes, you just don’t want everyone in the office to know why you visited a doctor. My colleagues are prone to gossip so even private information can ‘leak’. I used a fake medical note stating ‘flu’ to return to work without my personal business being discussed in the corridors.
  • I couldn’t afford a doctor.
    I’m sure that many will understand that going to a hospital isn’t cheap these days. I see no reason to pay a huge medical bill because of a common cold. So I just use a fake note when I return to work.
  • I needed some free time.
    Yes, I really used a fake doctor note template to get some free time and just relax. I don’t regret it as those two free days allowed me to pull myself together and become more productive at work.

Every person is unique, and it’s OK if your reasons are different from mine. The point is that a high-quality fake printable doctor note template will work regardless of your actual reasons for missing.

Choosing the exact type of excuse presented in your fake doctor or hospital form template is the hardest decision you will have to make. It’s essential to consider all the pros and cons of each option. Go to in order to learn more about this subject.

I also strongly suggest looking at some labor stats to learn what kind of excuse will look most believable based on your age group, etc. Little things like this will determine whether you get caught using a fake doctor template.

Here are is some free advice I can give based on my own experience:

  • Always have a fake printable template for a dental emergency.
    This excuse works every time because people know what tooth pain feels like and feel sorry for you. No one will look at this kind of fake doctor note closely as they won’t doubt the validity of it.
  • Get a fake printable template for food poisoning.
    A fake note that states you’ve been to a hospital because of food poisoning is another excuse that will work in the vast majority of cases. This condition is extremely common and your boss will understand that you really can’t return to work if you don’t have some free time to recover.
  • Be sure to have a printable ‘return to work from a hospital’ note on hand at all times.
    This is the kind of excuse to use in case you lost the track of time and are late from lunch break or running errands. The HIPAA privacy laws prohibit your boss from demanding to know what kind of doctor you visited, so presenting a fake note stating ‘was at a hospital at XXX time’ upon your return to the office is perfect.

Use the Right Fake Excuse and Return to Work Safely

Downloading a printable fake doctor note template is easy, so if you need to miss work, using this excuse will help you. It doesn’t matter what your real excuse is as there is a fake template for any medical condition.

Pick your reason wisely and get the highest-quality fake doctor excuse note template you can find. This way, you will be able to enjoy some free time without running the risk of losing your job. Just remember to act sickly and weak for a few days after you return to work.