Bye Bye Pimples

Pimples are very annoying. It’s more frustrating is getting rid of them. Learn how to comlpetely get rid of pimples by starting with the root of it all.

Workout Mistakes

Mistakes are common if you’re a beginner. When working you should avoid making mistakes to better achieve your goals. Here are 10 common mistakes you do when working out.

How to Fight Bad Breath

Bad-Breath-roseville-dentistWhen it comes to bad breath, it can ruin even the best of dates. So, many people try to find new and improved ways to be able to contain the bad breath beast. One of the best ways to do that is to cut back on garlic and other harsh smelling spices, when you know you have a big event about to happen.

Another option is mouthwash, but truthfully mouthwash and brushing teeth are something that is supposed to be done everyday. Instead of just when someone needs to have amazing smelling breath, which means that if you do not brush and use mouthwash on a daily basis, the effects of the single use are not going to last very long.

If that does not seem to help, before the big event, you may want to try to take a few seconds to suck on some lemons or other citrus fruit. It will not completely get rid of the odor, but it will make it more manageable. The citric acid will help to breakdown many types of bacteria and food particles that can lead to bad breath. So, this will help make it to where you can use over the counter breath aids as a quick fix.

Another great trick is it keep a handful of breath strips. They can be found in 24 packs in most stores. You place it on your tongue and wait until it dissolves. There is a mouthwash base to the strips. This is what freshens your breath throughout the event. However, you do not want to kiss your date with the strip in your mouth, because they may get really offended.

Bad breath is a big issues that can be a ruin a relationship before it even gets started. This is why it is important to make sure that your remedy fits the situation. If you are looking for a permanent fix, because brushing and using mouthwash just is not cutting your killer bad breath anymore, you may want to consult a dentist, because in some cases, bad breath can be a sign of a more serious health condition.

To learn more go to

How to Enjoy a Sick Day from Work

FERRIS BUELLERS DAY OFF, Matthew Broderick, 1986. ©Paramount/courtesy Everett Collection

Being sick and enjoyment are rarely put together in a sentence but sometimes you need to just relax and enjoy a sick day from work. To do so the best way is to take a sick day when you are not actually sick. While playing hooky from school may seem very juvenile when you work full time sometimes you just need a day off to rest and recuperate. Many people get themselves more stressed when they take a day off so it is important to set some rules for yourself when doing so in order to effectively manage your sick day.

Consider who to let in on your sick day off

Be careful with who you are going to let know that you are going to take a sick day This will vary significantly by person. Some people enjoy time off when they spend it with their family and therefore tell their whole family that they are going to take a day off from work. Others will only find themselves saddled with work and are better off telling nobody and just escaping for the day to enjoy themselves and relax. Others will feel comfortable enough to tell their boss that they want to take a sick day off so that they can rest and recover and this can be helpful in letting them enjoy the day off without being bothered by their employer calling them. Understand your situation and what is needed for you to enjoy a sick day off.

Plan it out in advance

When you are taking a sick day off to enjoy yourself be sure to spend some time to plan out your day beforehand so that you can thoroughly enjoy it for what it is. Don’t try to fit too much into your day off and instead try to find one thing that you long wanted to do but have not been able to because of work. From here try to accomplish that one thing. It may be seeing a movie by yourself or visiting a museum. Find that one thing that will make your sick day feel unique and special and go for it.

Stay Disconnected

Many people will take their sick day and do some work at home or do something equally strenuous like filing a tax return or applying for a loan refinancing. Keep your day off work free and relaxing and avoid all outside work. You will thank yourself for this later and likely be more productive as a result. If you need to get a day off, get a doctor’s note from

How To Enjoy Your Next Vacation!


Vacation-savingsAre you bored of your old-fashioned vacations? Do you even feel that planning a vacation is no longer a fun thing to do and when your family gathers to speak about this they just have that same old “whatever” face, well do not let the routine kill what once was a joyful time to spend, here you will find the How To´s and What Not´s you need to do to get this baby rolling again.

To begin with… Please kick off your shoes and relax, that’s right! sit down on your nice comfy chair and recap the best moments of your previous vacations, like where did you go what did you do!

Now that you are in the mood and set for new adventures, just think… how about if we try something new! and here are a couple of options you probably didn’t even try before!

1: Backpackers Adventure:

This is simple, just grab a backpack fill it up with the basic things you need for a couple of weeks and then you are good to go!, don’t even think about it, and get to your nearest, airport, train or bus station, get to the counter and ask for the cheapest ticket they can offer for that day! You might be thinking that this is just plain crazy and only a madman would even think about doing this, but don’t pay attention to that voice in your head that’s just the routine kicking in, once you purchased a ticket now you are set to discover and find new horizons.

2: One Hundred At A Time:

If you thought that the last idea was plain crazy, well keep on reading because this is just starting to get better!

One Hundred At A Time means that you will need to drive one hundred miles in any direction you might like and when the odometer hits one hundred miles you will need to park your car and look around, talk with the locals do what ever they do to have fun around there, but there is a catch you only have one hundred minutes to explore, if you dont find that place amusing get in your car and drive away but if you pass that time frame you will have to stay overnight, like the old saying states “When In Rome… Do What The Romans Do”.

Now you know how to beat the routine! To learn more go to

Have Fun!

Vacationing in Playa Del Carmen

butterflies and scubadiverI am currently in Playa Del Carmen, taking a break from my life.

Its been quite a unique experience. I am getting my scuba license.  Its a pretty unique achivement.

However, I wish I would’ve done some salsa dancing.  This bar up the street has free salsa dancing classes.

Scuba has been quite fascinating.  The reefs are incredible here.   The first day was rough.  I had to spend some time in the pool… and it was super cold.  But then we moved onto a boat that took us to the reefs.  I learned how to do a backwards dive into the ocean. I felt like quite the professional.

Descending was tough.  I had some hard pain in my forehead.  I think it was sinuses.  After I worked through that, we descended deeper.  I saw lots of incredible fish, including a turtle and lots of Moray eels.

A vacation is important from time to time.  It can be done with a fake doctors note at


Food Poisoning: Useful Tips on How to Fake it Credibly

Faking Food Poisoning Successfully: 5 Steps to Take

an image of a sick manI guess we all need a nonscheduled rest from time to time. However, our employers usually have quite a different point of view. As soon as your learn how to fake food poisoning, getting a few legal days off to deal with your personal issues will not be a big problem anymore. A great advantage of this illness is that food poisoning length may vary, which makes this excuse very flexible if you need to stay at home longer.

I usually take the following steps to be 100% sure my superior believes the ‘food poisoning legend’. Hope you will find them useful too:

  1. Prepare your boss and your colleagues.
    If you want to fake a credible story, make some slight preliminary preparations. ‘Accidentally’ tell your colleagues you’re planning a barbecue party with your family so it won’t be a surprise when you call in with a food poisoning excuse the next day.
  2. Be persuasive.
    No matter how credible your fake story may be, your boss or your colleagues may not buy it if you don’t act naturally. Try to recall how you felt when you were actually sick due to the food poisoning. Imagine the pain and the discomfort to get the needed mood before you pick up the phone to call your office. And don’t forget about the food poisoning length as it wouldn’t look natural if you ‘get cured’ from your illness in just one day. It has to last several days at least.
  3. Don’t overplay.
    Although you may moan and groan while talking to your boss to add credibility, you should also remember that people suffering from food poisoning are not big talkers as a rule. A proper food poisoning never implies long phone talks. So if you suddenly break your phone conversation it can make your interlocutor believe you’re really in a bad condition.
    Students, however, need to be more careful as their parents will actually see them when faking their story. If you feel you’re not a good actor, I’d recommend spending a longer time in the bathroom to avoid direct eye contact with your family and to add more credibility to your ‘legend’.
  4. Get a fake doctor’s note to prove you had a food poisoning.
    While your story may sound quite realistic, having a doctor’s note is absolutely necessary if you don’t want to be charged with absenteeism. That’s why you need a high-quality fake note for work, like one of those you can find at
  5. Consider food poisoning length.
    Since food poisoning has a long-lasting effect, consider a few ‘safety measures’ not to seem suspicious after you’re back to work. In other words, you shouldn’t support your story by having half a dozen of donuts or wolfing a mega-burger for your lunch.

What is the Normal Food Poisoning Length?

Determining an average length of food poisoning is quite important before you actually buy and download a fake note for work. Since this kind of disease cannot be normally treated in one day, why not to use an opportunity to have a longer off work time? Besides, if you show up too early, you risk facing too many inconvenient questions. Not only will your fake story look suspicious, but also your fake emergency note won’t look much credible as not many doctors would define one day as the food poisoning length. Check out this food poisoning tutorial to learn more about how the food poison affects your body as well as find out which factors influence the food poisoning length.

If you need a fake note for school, food poisoning is not the easiest of the excuses as you will have to fool your parents, which is not that easy. Not only can they make you eat dietary food, you also risk to be forced to visit a real doctor.

So beware of the food poisoning length not to get caught by your boss and remember to learn all the food poisoning symptoms not to look suspicious to your parents.

Fake Doctors Note to Prove Your Food Poisoning

a man faking food poisoningAlthough you may be a great actor and your fake story may deserve an Oscar, you cannot neglect the rules of your company or your school regulations. This means having a doctor’s note is an absolute must if you don’t want to get into trouble. And as you’re not visiting a real doctor, you need to get a high-quality fake dr note template.

Since there are plenty of online guides offering to fake your doctor’s excuse, you may think it is easy to do. However, to get a really good fake note, you’ll need to make some thorough research as well as find a trusty website which would offer authentic notes, customer support, and validation service.

I consider a service to be reliable only if it:

  • Offers samples free of charge.
    A reliable company will always offer its client some free samples to prove they come with high-quality products.
  • Charges a fair price.
    Although faking a doctor’s note will normally require a lot of time and effort, its price should definitely not be higher than the cost of visiting a real doctor. On the other hand, you should also avoid using free fake notes as they are low quality as a rule and can get you in a serious trouble.
  • Provides verification service.
    I would never use a company which cannot verify its product in case my boss calls to check whether the doctor’s note I have delivered is authentic. Verification service is an absolute must for a trustworthy partnership.
  • Offers money-back guarantees.
    Although you won’t be very happy with your money returned after you’re caught with a fake doctor’s note, such a warranty serves as a proof of a company’s high standards. That’s why those who can really be trusted are never afraid to offer their clients such a feature. For me, this is always a sign of a good service.

I hope some of these tips will help you learn how to fake food poisoning and get out of work or miss the school when it’s needed.

Missing Work: 10 Best Excuses

10 Best Reasons to Get Out of Work

Let’s face it, sometimes you simply cannot go to work or school. Whether you’re busy with your personal issues or simply need to recover from a tight schedule, you do need to miss your job to get some free time once in a while. Unfortunately, most of your excuses to get out of work won’t be taken seriously by your superior.

a phone with a note "where are you?"However, a fake note from a doctor or an emergency room provides you with extra opportunities. While the law requires an employee to provide a legal document explaining he or she have missed their work, it also strictly forbids your employer from making any inquiries about your health condition. This means you can legally get out of work without any real explanation as long as you have a valid note from a doctor.

However, it is important to use top quality reasons which would look authentic even for a professional. At many websites, such as, you can learn about various excuses to get out of work as well as can download some useful templates for missing school.

Before I started to use fake note templates, I did some thorough research to find out how the system actually works. Hopefully, my experience can help you avoid drawing any suspicions from your employer. Use one of the following excuses to get out of work:

  1. Influenza.
    While the symptoms of this illness may vary in different people, it is always easy to pretend you’re having the flu. And since it is contagious, your boss will have less objection against you missing your work.
  2. Spine strain.
    It is quite possible your boss has experienced something similar. That’s why such reasons can be great excuses to get out of work, however, it can only provide you with a day or two.
  3. An injury caused by an accident.
    There are many ways to miss your job due to an accidental injury. My only advice would be to choose one which can be either conceived or easily mimicked.
  4. Dental emergency.
    a woman visiting a dentistGetting a note from a dentist is one of the best excuses to miss work or school. Almost everyone has experienced similar problems, so this is surely one of the best reasons.
  5. Digestion disorder.
    Another common malady which looks like a viable excuse to get out of work is fake stomach pain caused by food poisoning as it can happen anytime to anyone.
  6. Non-urgent surgery.
    This can be one of the best excuses if you want to miss several days as it normally would take some time to recover after a surgery. However, it is important to bear in mind about things like scars which should remain after the wounds heal. Make sure your ‘surgery’ is done to a body part which is normally covered.
  7. Catching cold.
    Even a weather forecast may prompt a few great excuses to get out of work. As soon as the temperature is supposed to drop, followed by a cold rain, get ready with your best common cold excuse to miss your work.
  8. Mental disorder.
    While depression, stress, and anxiety are quite common mental disorders, I wouldn’t recommend using this type of an excuse to miss your job. Although you are highly likely to get a day off in such a case, some of your workmates may change their attitude towards you if they find out you’re mentally unstable.
  9. Bone fracture.
    Please remember that these doctor excuses are quite serious. First of all, it takes weeks to heal a bone fracture. You should either stay at home most of the time or wear a bandage every time you want to go out. As your ‘illness’ is purely physical, some employers may ‘kindly ask’ you to stay in touch for an online meeting or something like that. Make sure you find good reasons when your smartphone suddenly rings while you are sunbathing at the seashore.
  10. Visiting a doctor.
    Technically, you don’t have to be sick to get good work excuses. It is enough to ‘visit a doctor’ for a random health check as the doctor has to issue a document stating you’ve missed your work legally. In other words, you can get a fake excuse without any visible illness. However, backing your word up with only a doctor’s signature is not the very best option out of all the existing excuses to get out of work as your boss may smell a rat.

Missing Work: Choose Credible Reasons

If you don’t want to get caught, choosing credible excuses is the key to success. Check out to learn more about viable reasons to miss your work legally.

Depending on your personal health conditions, choose one of those credible reasons when submitting your fake note. If you have a history of heart disease, for example, a note from a cardiologist will look natural. However, you shouldn’t deliver that kind of excuse if you’re part of a semi-pro local football team. In this case, back pain would seem like a much more credible reason.

Providing Good Excuses to Call off Work

Although people who have never missed their work possibly exist, personally I haven’t met a single person like that yet. Normally, everyone tries to find excuses for missing work from time to time.

Getting a day off can be easy if you find good excuses to miss your work. Here’s what you should do when faking good reasons:

  • Go online for a fake doctor note template.
  • Use your personal details to customize the fake note. Make sure it looks authentic.
  • E-mail the excuses to your superior or to call the office. In this case, be ready to pretend you’re sick.
  • Be careful not to be seen by one of your colleagues or your boss celebrating your day off in the local restaurant.

I have successfully used fake notes as excuses to miss my work many times. However, it is also important to understand that being sick too often will not look credible to any employer. Be sure you can balance your job and your leisure wisely. My best advice would be as follows: use only the highest quality doctor excuses, find credible reasons, and don’t miss your work too often.

Making a Viable Fake Doctors Note

When You Can Use a Fake Dr Note

Sometimes our personal life and our work seem incongruous with each other. Just when you think you’re beginning to get out of your tough schedule, you are assigned some additional work and it starts all over again, making you desperate. Just a little more time is all that you need to refocus on your work and to settle some of your personal life routines. I guess many have been in that kind of a situation. But how many were brave enough to discuss their personal issues with their employer or teacher to get out of work or miss a class?

To avoid this unpleasant procedure and to get some time to myself (which is critical according to psychologists), I use a simple solution. This is a fake note from a doctor or an emergency room which serves as a legit excuse document. Since the privacy law clearly forbids requiring any detailed explanations from a sick person, you can always use a forged note if you know how to get it. Learn more to find out how to get a doctor’s note as well as learn how to use fake excuses.

Before you decide to forge a doctor’s note, make sure you know what you’re doing. Follow these easy steps to avoid any troubles:

  1. Find an authentic doctors note.
    Make sure you ask yourself ‘what does a doctor note look like’? This will help you market the best fake excuses and stay on the safe side while trying to forge them.
  2. Get a note template.
    Whenever you wonder ‘how to get a doctor’s note?’ go online as this is the best chance to get the latest information and some high-quality forged templates. However, I wouldn’t recommend using a site which offers no fake samples or reviews. Make sure it also offers a support or contact
  3. Create a fake note.
    As soon as you get a template to customize, fill in your personal details and get rid of any information which is not amendable.
  4. Deliver your fake note properly.
    Whether you are sending it by e-mail or submitting it personally, try to be natural and give an impression of a person who really needs treatment.

How to Get a Doctor’s Note: Can You Fake a Visit to the Hospital?

a man faking fluEven if you’re really sick, visiting a doctor may not be the most convenient thing to do for many reasons. I find it time and cost consuming, especially if I have to overcome a slight malady which can be treated by conventional medicine requiring no doctor prescription.

If you know how to get a doctor’s note, it can be a great solution for such situations. Not only will those forged excuses save you time, they will also be much cheaper as a bunch of high-quality fake templates costs nothing compared to an average doctor’s bill. In fact, why pay more at the hospital if you can get a fake doctor’s note which would look the same as one issued by a real physician?

Check out to learn how to forge a doctor’s note at fair rates to be able to miss your work safely.

Are Fake Doctor Notes Online Guides Reliable?

a kid sitting in a classroomWhenever you need to miss work or get out of school, you definitely shouldn’t trust just any guide. Moreover, if you don’t know how to get a doctor’s note, I wouldn’t recommend using any service as long as you don’t have a clear idea of what you need, and find out more about a certain online guide offering to forge your papers.

Writing an excuse on a typed copy of a doctor’s pad will never work. Making a quality fake note requires some forging experience such as creating watermarks, using proper formatting, providing a correct background, etc. Unless you have trained for months and know very well how to get a doctor’s note, writing an excuse on your own is highly likely to end up negatively, leading to a legal charge for fraud.

However, if you can find a trusty online service to forge your excuse, you may reach the result much faster by downloading a printable dr note which will require only a few minutes to customize to get a perfect emergency get out of work solution.

Forging a Doctor’s Note: Useful Tips

The fact that you’re buying a template requiring little adjustment does not mean it cannot be improved by you as well. Here are some of my useful tricks which can make your forged excuse look more credible. These are:

  • Do whatever you can so that your excuse looks natural.
    If you don’t know how to get a doctor’s note, try to go for a history of a particular disease, if you have any. This way of forging an excuse is the most credible since your employer probably is aware of your regular illness. You could have mentioned it during your job interview or it can be stated in your HR file. However, if you don’t have any disease history, there are many other sicknesses which can serve as a good excuse too. Try fake sunstroke in summer or opt for the ‘flu story’ in winter. Finally, maladies like digestion disorder or eye damage can be forged regardless of the time of the year.
  • Verify the health service you mention in your fake doctor’s excuse.
    While the law forbids the employer to ask your doctor whether you’re really sick, making a call to find out whether such a medical office exists is not restricted. For this reason, make sure the fake note contains the true data of one of your local hospitals or emergency rooms and uses the exact name of a physician who could possibly be your doctor. Many fake doctors’ notes online guides offer verification services, so make sure you use them before you submit your fake note to the boss.
  • Pretend you are sick.
    Your boss will give you a day off before you actually ask for it if you know how to get a doctor’s note. Imagine how you would behave if you were really sick and try to mimic some of the symptoms. However, don’t use forged health excuses too often.